Every minute of the day, Facebook users share nearly 2,500,000 pieces of content. It’s time for chiropractors to be heard.  Social4Chiros allows your office to engage with the billion+ people on Facebook.  Social media is here to stay and it’s time to jump on board.


We deliver daily, top notch content to your office Facebook account that will boost your brand and engage your target audience.  Our exclusive “Contagious Content” program is specifically designed to generate likes, comments, and shares so your office is seen across town.  Daily posted content includes a variety of nutritious recipes, exercise/health tips, and other eye-popping images which will be sure to keep people coming back to your page and boost brand impressions.



In the beginning of 2014, Facebook released a number of algorithm updates that have dramatically changed the appearance and contents of the posts which users see in their news feed.  Facebook is continuously learning more about their users and tweaks the content delivery to match what the user wants to see.  

The average Facebook user has about 1,500 daily stories that could appear in their news feed but Facebook will only deliver about 300 of those, which means that 80% of the posts will never be seen.  

Social4Chiros has created an industry-exclusive "Contagious Content" formula to make sure that your office feed is in the 20% of viewed posts.  

When someone clicks "Like" on your Facebook page, it tells Facebook that they want to see your content.  This is where the new algorithm takes control.  When the people who "Like" your page, don't click on your posts or show any interest, Facebook starts to remove your posts from their news feed getting down to about 1 of every 7 posts will appear.  The same goes for images that don't need to be clicked on.

Social4Chiros employs the same strategies that generates millions of clicks for viral content.  You will notice that all viral content on Facebook requires you to click on the story before you get to see the entire headline. Example: "Watch these adorable kittens play with..."

Our "Contagious Content" features weekly recipes and health tips that generate those oh so important clicks, likes, and shares.  In addition, we post motivational massages and chiropractic information.  The clicks and likes generated from these posts ensure that your office stays in their news feed while the shares help build your audience and ultimately lead to new patients.

Don't have a Facebook account for your office?  We will create one for you for free!


With all marketing, it comes down to reaching your demographic.  According to Pew Research, nearly 80% of women ages 30-49 use Facebook.  In today's technology filled world, people are addicted to their smart phones and tablets.  For the first time, small business owners can now compete with Fortune 500 companies on the same platform.  The big spending power of these companies bought endless TV time & celebrity endorsements which never made financial sense to even some of the largest chiropractic offices.  Now the marketing dollars are going towards social media, where chiropractors can compete on a level playing field. 

Whether waiting in line at the airport staring at their phone, relaxing on the couch with their tablet, or at their work computer, you can reach your fans & future new patients with Social4Chiros.


All content will appear as though it wad posted directly from your Facebook account.


Our chiropractic social media management for Facebook is only $19/month for the first 3 months, and $89/month thereafter.

There is zero setup fee, zero contract, and zero to lose!